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ALF is a division of Vanguard Companies, is one of the industry’s largest independent, full-service, marketing, and merchandising solution providers. Vanguard’s expertise in corrugated displays, packaging, signage, e-commerce, and fulfillment is demonstrated across every retail category and segment.

Vanguard Companies specialize in the creation of high quality products and services through the use of sustainable business practices and recognized as the most sustainable packaging company in North America. We seek to be the industry leader in helping our customers market, package, transport, and display products of all kinds.


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Built differently than most fulfillment companies.

ALF is located 150 feet underground in the Hunt-Midwest SubTropolis in Kansas City, Missouri. By locating our facility underground, we are able to reduce heating and cooling costs and conserve building materials. Our underground location provides constant temperature and humidity levels—protecting our customers products and providing a pleasant work environment for our employees.

We are committed to providing an engaging

and empowering workplace environment.


We do this through our commitment to sustainability and diversity

throughout our supply chain, beginning with our most valuable asset—our employees.

Employee Benefits

We are committed to providing you and your eligible dependents with a benefits package that is comprehensive and affordable. We offer a benefit program that provides excellent coverage for preventive healthcare as well as coverage for ongoing medical, dental and vision services. You will also become eligible to enroll in the company offered benefits after satisfying a waiting period after hire.