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Our Story

ALF is one of the industry’s leading women operated fulfillment and logistics  providers. ALF is located 150 feet underground in the Hunt-Midwest SubTropolis in Kansas City, Missouri. By locating our facility underground, we are able to reduce heating and cooling costs and conserve building materials. Our underground location provides constant temperature and humidity levels—protecting our customers’ products and providing a pleasant work environment for our employees.

The company is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and is part of the Vanguard Companies family of companies. Vanguard emphasizes the creation of high-quality products through the use of sustainable business practices, and has become recognized as a part of the most sustainable packaging company in North America.

Our Leadership Team

Our Capabilities

Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship with a high level of service. At ALF, both sides systematically control the availability and flow of goods to anticipate and meet consumer demand to grow their business.

We are experts at taking the complex and making it simple. Our experience, resources, and services are designed to reduce program cost, improve efficiencies, quality and speed to market.

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Our Certifications

ALF has established a set of standards to identify and maintain management’s commitment to quality for its customers, interested parties, and employees. These written instructions are used to communicate established methods and procedures for performing and managing work.

ALF believes in the importance of incorporating world-class standards with third-party auditing and certification to avoid the risk of greenwashing. These certifications include:


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Our Core Values