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fulfillment, and logistics.


Taking the Complex and Making it Simple

ALF is one of the industry’s leading women operated fulfillment and logistics providers. We are a knowledgeable partner that provides the market high-quality products and superior service to help brands sell more product, foster growth, and gain competitive advantage. Our expertise in display assembly and packout, special packs and promotional packaging, and fulfillment services is demonstrated across every retail category. We are committed and focused on reducing program costs, improving efficiencies, quality and speed to market while nurturing long-term relationships.

Are you experiencing earlier peak seasons, limited warehouse space, or new customer preferences?  

Continued economic growth, the ever-changing retail landscape, new shopping habits, increased product choices, newer product categories in the marketplace, as well as internal company challenges, are driving the need for an efficient and effective supply chain to support customer customer preferences and demand.

Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship with a high level of service. ALF partners with the customer to systematically control the availability and flow of goods to anticipate and meet consumer demand to grow their business.

You have our commitment to focus on reducing program cost,  while simultaneously improving efficiencies, quality, speed to market, and brand impact.

Are you getting the cost benefits and service you need from your in-house fulfillment or 3PL?

Do You Have Do You Need
  • Limited Warehouse Space
  • Fulfillment & Logistics Competency
  • Seasonal Spike in Orders
  • Speed, Agility & Flexibility to Meet Demands
  • Program Overflows
  • Quality Assurance & Consistency
  • Smaller or Specialty Program Requests
  • Reduced Waste and Product Costs
  • Additional Retailers Added to a Program
  • Reduced Labor and Warehousing Costs
  • New Consumer Behaviors & Demands
  • To Remain Competitive in Marketplace
  • Supply Chain Challenges
  • To Achieve Lowest Landed Cost

Having the right partner allows you to focus on your core business – Product Development, Marketing and Corporate Goals.


Your partner for contract packaging, display assembly, fulfillment, and logistics.

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Display Assembly & Packout Solutions

We provide outstanding turnkey fulfillment services to ensure that your product is delivered efficiently and accurately to the final destination. Our 425,000 sq. ft. secured assembly and fulfillment operation is in a climate controlled, underground facility with sufficient and flexible space. We are focused on quality, reducing your program costs, improve efficiencies, and get to market faster.

Contract Packaging Solutions

From kitting, bundling, curating, and sealing products to shipping them to your distribution centers or a retail location. Vanguard Companies is focused on quality, reducing your program costs, improve efficiencies, and get to market faster.

Value-Added Services

Our dedicated program management services streamline operating procedures to optimize information workflow. We are focused on efficiencies gained to manage projects and executing under tight timelines.