Assembly and Fulfillment Solutions

ALF specializes in the assembly of corrugated displays ranging from simple Sidekicks and PDQs to complex retail pallet displays. We are also experienced in assembling mixed media such as corrugated with plastics, wood or metal.

Maybe you don’t need something as complicated as the assembly of a display. ALF is also the perfect source for smaller assembly work such as hand folding, hand gluing, stitching or sub-assemblies. Whatever your hand work requires, ALF offers low cost, quality solutions.

ALF can also offer assistance in the purchasing of corrugated displays and packaging. We can be your turn-key source for all of your fulfillment needs.

When searching for the right partner for your retail level packaging and displays, fulfillment becomes a critical component to a profitable project. The selection for this process involves more than just the people and space to do the job. It involves security and accuracy as well.